A Bare Face Feature: Kristina Nichol

Kristina and I are Instagram friends. She lives in Calgary, Canada. We have never met.. But I do know that she is a very talented photographer. I love following her gorgeous feed, and was absolutely thrilled when she chose to share her bare-faced self portrait with us. But what I was even more thrilled with was what she chose to write underneath it. I love her story, because it is exactly what this project is all about: learning to love and accept one’s self for who they are. Sometimes it takes time, but it is always possible.

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Kristina is Located in Calgary, Alberta. She is a portrait photographer, singer, songwriter, wife and mother of two.
You can see here beautiful work here: www.sonettoboxphotography.com

If you have a story to share related to the bare beauty project, please please send it our way! We would love to share it.