Bare Face Feature: Laura Ganci

Laura is this over-the-top-talented musician/singer/songwriter/artist who grew up in the same town as me. She was a few grades behind me, but we still somehow always ended circling in similar groups of people. Although I don’t know her very well, there are some things I do know about her. She is loyal. She is a very hard worker. She is loving and she has amazing friends. She and her twin sister Nina are inseparable. She loves her family. She is an artist through and through. She is extremely talented, and I am so honored that she wanted to share a little part of her story with us and this project.

Her message is so profound, talking about where this uncovered beauty began, where it has gotten hidden, and to why she chooses to let it free again ..


Thank you Laura for sharing with us. Your words resonate with so many.


image image copy


Laura is a Boston based singer-songwriter.
Check out her latest musical collaboration with her multi-talented sister, Nina Ganci: American Echoes.



  1. I wanted to submit a story and a couple photos for #thebarebeautyproject but for whatever reason, was having a difficult time figuring out where to post that. I have a website and can sure post it on my own and tag you in it…but was wondering about that?

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